Why is Telugu translation important for your business?


India is a land known for its diversity. Whether it is the languages, the food, the cultures, or the gods, we have plenty of it. Out of the country’s twenty-two scheduled languages – some of them stand out for their history and influence. One name in this list is Telugu. In this article, we shall elaborate on the nuances of the language and the importance of Telugu translation.

This Dravidian language is the official language of three major Indian regions – The now separated states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the Yanam district in the union territory of Puducherry. 

In the list of India’s six classical languages – Telugu has a spot. The language has 82 million native speakers and 11 million others speaking it as their second language. It is also a recognized protected language in South Africa. If that’s not all, the language is placed at #15 when it comes to Ethnologue’s list of languages with the highest native speakers.


After the Trilinga grammar, titled – ‘Trilinga Śabdānusāsana’ was written in the 13th century, a few centuries later, Appa Kavi clarified it to be an older form of Telugu (an evolved version of Trilinga). This claim had been disputed by various linguistics with different takes on the subject.

However, the traces of the language can also be found in another time, in an ancient, magical world. To elaborate – we have a story. 

If you’ve read the glorious Ramayana (an ancient Indian epic), the tale of an ideal man Rama against the egoistic demon Ravana, you must remember Jatayu. The injured bird martyred itself in an effort to save Sita from Ravana’s evil clutches. Upon reaching the spot of his death- Rama called out to Jatayu softly, saying ‘Le, pakshi’ words that translate into ‘Rise, bird’ in Telugu. 

Lepakshi is now a town in Andhra Pradesh.


The Telugu script is based on a neosyllabary language system (meaning that the language functions on a combination of consonants and vowels). It has sixteen vowels, four vowel modifiers, and forty-one consonants. It is derived from the Brahmi script and even has a system to express sounds! 

The basic unit of writing/speaking the language is syllables. Every consonant in the language is pronounced with a small ‘a’ sound. Like Hindi/Sanskrit, the sentences may end with a single or double bar, respectively. The language has ten digits in its numerical system, based on the Hindi-Arabic numeral system.

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Target audience

Since the language is widely spoken in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, translating your business in these states might be your best marketing stint. To persuade you further, we’re here to let you know the economic benefits of Telugu Translation. 

With an average annual growth of 13.90% and 9.33%, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh respectively are two of India’s fastest-growing economies. Cyberabad or Hyderabad, India’s cyber hub is given that name with good reason. The capital of Telangana has a number of multinational companies and IT giants. 

Telangana has 68 special economic zones while Andhra Pradesh has topped the World Bank’s ‘Ease of doing business’ rankings in India.

See why Telugu translation is important now? 

Where can you find the Telugu translation?

Luckily, there are many translation companies willing to provide you some assistance with your brand content. Their quality differs with their prices, and if you’re lucky enough – you’ll get both.

Now, there is a very important question – Why should you choose professional translators? Simple, you can’t afford to lose reputation or money on small, erroneous translations. 

Telugu translation needs to be precise, understandable, and efficient. If your business is based in Hyderabad and deals with technical terminologies – here’s an advice, get native translators, fluent in the original language as well as in Telugu.

So here’s what you need, proper research on translating agencies near you, an affordable and good quality translator (remember – దమ్మిడి ముండకి ఏగాణి క్షవరం! Translation – don’t shave off a lot of money on petty little things) and have good brand content. We assure you, the rest will sort itself out. 

It’s a wrap

Telugu translation may be complicated but it is guaranteed to give you some good results. Just get on the internet and find the best quality translators. Once you’re done, ensure that the translation is localized and done with various elements from the native regions. The more people relate to you and your content, the better! 

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